As we know life on a superyacht charter can be endless Champagne and cocktails, evening soirees and decadent food, just as it should be. As heavenly as this is, some people prefer a little light exercise to feel fresh, not too guilty about missing any workouts and allow for further over indulgence. Here are a few ideas on how to limber up and stay fit on board….

Firstly, and it may be stating the obvious, you are floating on one of Mother Nature’s biggest exercise areas. Daily swimming, diving or snorkelling is great for cardio and boosting your metabolism. A leisurely swim will burn around 340 calories an hour whereas a more vigorous swim (such as breaststroke, backstroke or butterfly) could burn up to 777 calories, both of which have a very low impact on joints. It certainly counts as a full body workout and is a good start to burning off last night’s dinner.

Then of course, you have all of the toys that come with your superyacht. Stand-up paddle boarding is fun, relaxing and a great combination of strength, balance and endurance. Alternatively, you could take a more stable kayak and explore a beautiful anchorage, which is great for your back and core burning up to 400 calories an hour so equally good exercise. For those with a ‘need for speed’ maybe water skiing is a better option which engages your abdominal and leg muscles burning up to 500 calories per hour…..if you can stand up that is.

The ‘toys’ list is usually endless including wakeboarding, snorkelling, bodyboarding, banana boats and even a Rockit Inflatable Gym to name just a few. Even if you fancy a sport and the kit isn’t on board, there will sure enough be somewhere nearby to rent it.

The option to drop anchor at any island or port gives you the flexibility to nip ashore and explore the mainland to your heart’s content. Go for a walk/run or a hike to see the local sights. If you are on a real health drive, afterwards you can scout out the best smoothie or juice bar in town.

If you are a yoga enthusiast start your day with the meditative retreat of the foredeck which provides a place of peace and contemplation and when you practice deep and steady breathing with a soft sea breeze. Sound like your thing? Why not start off with a few of these easy exercises here?

In terms of physical exercise space, you are slightly limited on a superyacht to run around so your best option (and safest) where no equipment is needed is a bodyweight HIIT workout.

Grab a yoga mat, get on deck and have a go at these bodyweight exercises:

Standing Crunch –  keep your feet shoulder width apart with your knees slightly bent with your hands behind your head. Bring your left elbow to your left knee then repeat right to right – this is a good warm up!

Squat thrust – start this exercise in a strong plank position with a straight back then jump forward towards your hands then kick your feet back again. Repeat this as many times as possible.

Mountain climbers – start in the same position as squat thrust and avoid sticking your bum in the air. Then one at a time, push your knees to your chest as fast as you can.

Clock lunge – complete a traditional forward lunge, then take a big step left (or right) and lunge again. Finish off by doing a backwards lunge and return to standing. Repeat 8 times them change legs!

Bridge – lie face up on the floor with your knees bent and your feet flat on the ground. Lift your hips off the ground until your knees, hips and shoulders form a straight line. For a bit of variated when you have lifted your hips, extend one leg to the sky.

Remember to also make the most of your crew. They are very knowledgeable and multi-talented people who often have a keen interest in fitness. Some may even be ex-personal trainers, you never know but worth picking their brains either way!

If you are after a daily adrenaline-pumping workout on your holiday then our very own ‘Firebird’ is the charter for you. If you are a keen skier, why not try something a little different and take your luxury alpine chalet right to the footsteps of Europe’s best off-piste skiing. Spend the day creating fresh tracks in the power and experience some of the most thrilling skiing in Europe before returning to the luxury of Firebird, with signature orange cashmere blankets and freshly baked cake and afternoon tea.

Firebird’s custom interior sleeps seven guests in four cabins and offers ski touring using the yacht as a mobile base camp in Arctic Norway with a personal mountain guide and she cruises in the Med in the Summer months.

If you’re more of a sun worshiper, don’t forget that Firebird’s amazing onboard chef is also a yoga instructor and gives private lessons on deck surrounded by the most beautiful scenery. Firebird really does have it all!

Get in touch to discuss you next charter holiday – fitness or no fitness: or call +41 44 454 26 26.

Note* all calories burned were worked out using the website and based on an average person weight of 175 lbs.