We are proud to have this 34m historic beauty under our new Guardiennage service in Palma. Built over a century ago, Merrymaid is one of the oldest Camper & Nicholson luxury yachts still sailing today, having undergone state-of-the-art renovations that honor her original build. She has a carvel-planked teak exterior on an oak structure and a luxurious interior embellished with brass, wood, leather, and vintage finesse. Her charming interior boasts three en-suite cabins, a large master suite in the aft, twin cabins on port and starboard, and three crew cabins in the bow. Merrymaid exhibits true elegance, style, and rich history.

Merrymaid’s History

Merrymaid’s fascinating story started in 1904 when she was designed and built by the world-famous Charles E Nicholson and Camper and Nicholsons. After launching in Gosport, England, she raced in numerous classic yacht regattas. Her debut season concluded as the King’s Cup champion in the presence of King Edward VII. Merrymaid is a piece of history, biding through world wars and bygone eras. In WW1, like many yachts of her caliber, she was held up in a Norwegian fjord. Merrymaid is an acclaimed luxury sailing yacht with exceptional performance, continuously refined and maintained. She was the first British yacht fitted with a Bermudian mainsail in 1920. Following the war, she cruised and competed at the hands of Sir Thomas Royden until WW2 broke out. In 1945 she moved into a mud berth on the Blackwater River in Essex and spent almost 50 years as a houseboat for the Squire Family, who managed to preserve her while other sailing yachts of her era were sadly lost.

In 1994 Merrymaid had a lucky break. She was taken to Heybridge in Essex, patiently awaiting her complete restoration, completed in 2006 by the renowned yard Southampton Yacht Services. Her original hull and interior were saved with replications carefully crafted to cherish her classic charm, while her systems and rigging were updated and modernized. In 2007 she embarked on a three-year tour of the world and became the first gaff cutter to navigate the Northwest Passage. Merrymaid returned to Europe in 2010 for further refurbishing at SYS, spending her recent years in the Mediterranean before finally coming into the trust of Swisspath’s elite new guardiange service in Palma de Mallorca, awaiting her future proud owner.

Swisspath’s Guardiennage Philosophy

The truth about yacht maintenance is that each yacht is unique, with changing needs from week to week. This principle is at the heart of our Guardiennage Service. The trouble with regular guardiennage services is that they are task-based on a one-size-fits-all approach, charged according to a weekly or monthly agreement for basic tasks such as washing down, checking dock lines, bilges, and shore power. The same chores get completed more frequently when you pay more. At the same time, tasks like contractor management, polishing, and engineering work come at the cost of an additional fee. Does a classic sailing yacht on sale, such as the acclaimed Merrymaid, require the same weekly services as another unique Charter or Private boat? Certainly not. This distinct set of needs is why Swisspath has developed an intelligent approach to Guardiange that’s personal, productive, and effective.

Swisspath’s “Time over Task” structure is the vital component that distinguishes us. Taking the initiative of a part-time crew, appreciating the owner’s needs instead of the conventional task-based approach. A flexible service that changes weekly, according to your yacht’s specific needs. Merrymaid is the perfect case in point. A unique boat with distinct requirements. One week may call for wash down, the following some polishing, the next rigging maintenance or readying her for sea trial and sale.

Our Guardiennage service supports the dynamic needs of yacht maintenance. Each yacht is assigned a certain number of hours per month to complete “Core” and “Open” tasks. “Core hours” cover routine tasks like washdowns, dock checks, engineering checks, and thorough monthly maintenance. Additionally, “Open hours” are assigned according to tailored needs throughout the month, polishing, contractor management, generator and engine servicing, and far more. Our “time over task” approach optimizes your service. We customize everything from maintenance to stocking your fridge with your favorite refreshments.

Swisspath provides guaranteed professional yacht maintenance for owners who keep their yacht in Mallorca. Just like having a part-time crew, you will receive a bespoke service tailored to your exclusive needs, no matter where in the world you may be.

Our exclusive range of services keeps your yacht primed and ready. We offer Yacht and Charter Management, Yacht and Charter Brokerage, Yacht Consulting, and our new elite Guardiennage service. Swisspath takes care of maintenance so you can spend less time worrying and more time enjoying your yacht and making memories of your own.