Whilst there’s no doubt that travelling by private jet ensures enhanced comfort and luxury, the importance of keeping safe in these unprecedented times is now also a key consideration. Indeed, travel is becoming increasingly challenging, particularly where it involves the use of public transport. As a result, those who are still wanting to take their annual holiday are making use of private charters; and at Swisspath Yachting we can not only arrange your private yacht charter, but also a private jet for you to arrive in.

Enhanced safety measures

Unsurprisingly, travelling by private jet decreases exposure to potential contaminants significantly, with only approximately 20 touchpoints on average, compared to as many as 700 when flying commercial (according to an industry study by McKinsey & Company).

It starts with the preflight procedures, which take place in a private terminal, avoiding crowds and long queues. Security checks are fast and performed individually, and the transfer to the airplane takes place in a limousine or a private shuttle bus, dedicated to you and your family and friends only.

On board, a COVID-19 tested crew and a specially disinfected cabin are ready to make your trip an unforgettable experience in a safe and relaxed environment. Facemasks, gloves and other protective equipment is available for use, the food has been prepared following a minimum contact policy, and the cabin air is regularly replaced with 100% fresh air.

Once you’ve landed at your preferred destination, you are again picked up by your private airport shuttle and taken to the General Aviation Terminal, again, avoiding crowded airport halls.


As well as enhanced safety measures, the flexibility that comes with travelling by private jet is undoubtedly a huge positive, particularly in these times of changing rules and regulations.

Of course, travel restrictions imposed by any authority and country also apply to private aviation, but due to the fact that private jets are not subject to a rigid timetable, a much higher level of flexibility is given. Furthermore, the flights are happening with 100% probability, so you won’t encounter last-minute cancellations in the same way that you might with a commercial airline.

The Swisspath Yachting dedicated concierge service, will work to find a suitable private jet solution within your requested budget, in order for you to reach the destination where your yacht is waiting for you. The same applies in the event that travel restrictions suddenly change and you would like to get back before the borders close or mandatory self-isolation is imposed upon arrival.

From enhanced safety measures to increased flexibility, there are a host of reasons why travelling by private jet is a great idea, particularly in these unprecedented times we find ourselves in. For more information and to speak to our dedicated concierge service, contact Debel@swisspath-yachting.com