Firebird, a yacht under our management, is staying in Norway for the summer, extending its time after the Ski & Sail season for more unforgettable adventures in the Arctic circle.

She is an Oyster 885 luxury cruising yacht that has been fully customised for ambitious round the world passages, designed by Rob Humphreys, boasting a performance deck and rig package, enabling her to compete in Superyacht Regattas. The raised saloon offers guests an exceptional panoramic view of their surroundings, and her custom interior sleeps 7 guests in complete luxury.

Norway is renowned for its exceptional natural beauty and being untouched by modern life, Norway is a must on the bucket list. Inhabited with just over five million people and over eighty thousand miles of coastline, you are guaranteed to enjoy your surroundings in a totally uninterrupted fashion. This historical and vibrant country offers some of the best scenery and in the summer months, is a magical place with peaceful, quiet bays in secluded locations, allowing you to sit back and experience utter tranquillity.

The coast is very impressive with many islands, islets, inlets and fjords to explore, all formed by glaciers millions of years ago, that cut into the landscape and form horizontal waterways penetrating miles inland forming Norway’s diverse and specular landscape. The diverse landscape allows us to compile uniquely memorable charter itinerary of everything you would like to see for the most memorable getaway.

Where are they visiting?

Lofoten Islands

Located 95 miles north of the Arctic Circle, the Lofoten archipelago are known for their unparalleled beauty of dramatic snow-capped mountains and countless rocky islets. Famous for the painted fishing villages that line the waterfront with the red and white fisherman’s huts known as ‘rerbuers’, these islands really are one of the most photographic place on earth. Make sure you take your camera and keep an eye out for the Orcas and puffins.

Also, this is the place to witness the natural phenomenon of the ‘midnight sun’ – from early May you can experience 24 hours of sunlight with the sun sitting low in the sky casting a magical yellow glow across the coastline that is so impressive that even the locals put the event in their calendar. The water here is as clear and as blue as the Mediterranean in the summer, the islands waters are a mecca for kayaking, snorkeling, fishing and surfing, not to mention the breathtaking sandy beaches, there is something for everyone to explore.


One of the northernmost land-areas in the world, Svalbard is a very special part of Norway and certainly off the beaten track with barely any sign of human intervention. Between May and September, Svalbard has a bright and mild polar summer where day and night becomes one with 24 hours of sunlight. The ice melts enough for Firebird to navigate through the still icy waters and explore the stunning fjords and wildlife.

After a very long winter, the archipelago is inundated by birds which migrate to Norway in large numbers to nest, along with an incredible diversity of species that raise their heads on the icy shores including walruses, seals and white whales along with the year round mammals such as polar bears, polar foxes and Svalbard reindeer.

This untouched landscape, consisting of several nature reserves, national parks and bird sanctuaries offers something for everyone. Whether you are after an epic expedition or simply to explore the wilderness, Svalbard is one of the most spectacular and well preserved natural areas to visit.

The new crew are eager to meet and welcome you on board. A captain who has worked full-time on offshore sailing yachts for 14 years to some of the most remote areas on Earth, and a chef who is an experienced freediver and yoga enthusiast.  She can catch halibut, cod and scallops and will then prepare it into a delicious meal for you to enjoy with friends and family – food in Norway doesn’t get much fresher than this.

From the moment you and your family step aboard Firebird, you will be immersed in a world of tranquil luxury, her crew are there to cater for all your needs, and to provide an exceptional level of service, ensuring you have the best possible charter experience. Whether a seasoned sailor looking to get some more miles under your belt at the helm or you are looking for a quiet anchorage to lunch and swim away the day, the options truly are endless.

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