Enhance your wealth and explore what Swisspath can offer you across our Yachting, Aviation, Health, Consulting, and Capital Services.

Based in Zürich, Switzerland, together with our Investment Management Office in the British Virgin Islands and Swisspath Yachting Sector in Palma Mallorca, Swisspath Group serves clientele around the globe. Our global presence, as well as our fully compliant and transparent jurisdiction, demonstrate that Swisspath Group is a thriving multi-family office (MFO) designed to meet affluent families’ investment, estate planning, lifestyle, and tax service needs. We combine wealth and asset management with legal and tax expertise in bankable and illiquid assets.


Swisspath Yachting is based in Palma, Mallorca, providing the vast expanse of necessary services for trouble-free yacht ownership. Swisspath Yachting offers a single point of contact and total solutions to ensure that yacht owners can spend less time worrying about their yacht and more time enjoying it. We offer a premium “client-driven approach” that values effective yacht management, asset value protection, and tailor-made service that exceeds industry standards. Our strength is in our strategy, alongside our internal team of experts and global network of specialist partners.

Swisspath Yachting services include Yacht Management and Consulting, Charter Brokerage and Charter Management, Yacht Brokerage, and Guardiennage. If you’re looking to set sail on a chartered luxury yacht with everything lined up for you, from the itinerary and arrangements to the customised meals and refreshments you would like to enjoy onboard, contact Swisspath Yachting for an unforgettable experience. Or suppose you’re a yacht owner looking for one point of contact to manage all your yachting needs, from personalised yacht maintenance to optimising charter revenue avenues that don’t interfere with your vacation plans. In that case, we hold the comprehensive key to all your yachting needs.


Swisspath offers Private and Executive Aviation services to elite clientele worldwide. Are you an Executive looking for a private jet experience? Or do you want to book a private jet to sweep you off to an exotic location before sailing off on your private or chartered yacht? Swisspath aviation can assure your comfort, safety, privacy, and freedom to fly on your schedule. We can customise your whole flight according to your needs to increase your productivity on business trips and enjoyment during your travels. Swisspath is your very own luxury concierge service.

If you are deciding to buy or sell an aircraft, the Swisspath Aviation sector can guide you through every facet of the buying and selling process. Swisspath offers a range of services to navigate the complex processes of Aircraft ownership, from Aircraft Acquisitions and Sales, Aircraft Financing, Aviation Consulting and Control, and Management services. Swisspath is conscious of bypassing extra and incidental expenses from sellers, buyers, or authorities. Our objective is to maximise our client’s return on investment and overall value by establishing a “value-based” framework expanding across the entire aircraft life-cycle, whether focused on efficient operation or commercialisation.


As the saying goes, “the first wealth is health.” A holistic approach to wealth management, covering health, safety, and security for the whole family. As our family office manages finance, assets, and investments, Swisspath can protect your family’s healthcare needs. With the existence of unprecedented times and dealing with an epidemic, healthcare concerns have indeed risen. Affluent individuals, a part of family office structures, understand that securing, structuring, and optimising your assets for you and your future generations to come is significant, but so is assuring your family’s wellbeing. There is a rising concern for better managing health and preparing for all eventualities. Swisspath Health offers Individual Medical Services that give priority access to medical experts for consultations and second opinions worldwide. Our medical partners deliver the highest medical services while preserving your utmost discretion.

Swisspath Health also handles Health Care Projects to help our clients invest in promising new healthcare practices, one of the most expanding markets worldwide. We offer opportunities to utilise or invest in Health Informatics, integrating IT Platforms and digital healthcare systems. In terms of HealthCare Real Estate, we have in-depth knowledge to benefit medical and healthcare providers, such as hospitals, outpatient clinics, and senior care facilities. And together with our network of partners, we assist with enforcing a competitive solution in our client’s target market.


Swisspath Group understands our clients’ complex financial, wealth and asset management issues. Our specialists provide personal and tailored advice and service across multiple levels. We are knowledgeable, resourceful, and connected to handle all Legal and Tax matters, ensuring tax compliance and efficient wealth management strategies.

Our leading sector, Fund Services, can set up and manage investment funds to generate value and mitigate risks. We also structure and safeguard intergenerational capital with comprehensive Trust Services. Our individually tailored Corporate Services focus on strategic business development and growth. With Swisspath, you can stay on top of accounting and financial reporting to help you make informed business and investment decisions. Swisspath also offers Relocation Services, assisting with wealth management and protection, residence permits and citizenship, and real estate and insurance assistance. Our clients include corporates, financial and private investors seeking valuation, transaction services, Mergers & Acquisitions advisory, and business plans assisted by our skillful Corporate Finance sector. Finally, Swisspath also offers Consulting in the British Virgin Islands concerning applying the recently appointed global exchange of information standards.


Swisspath’s independent specialists develop investment strategies with an “honesty, transparency, and accountability” model tailored to the unique personal needs of each client. Swisspath provides our clients with transparency and control with clear and concise Reporting and Investment Control, honouring strong client relationships and optimising your wealth. Our services in the capital sector also include successful Portfolio Management and Investment Advice, utilising market research, and expansion of hedging strategies. Finally, our Capital sector also offers Private Equity Services benefiting our client’s risk, return, and liquidity needs.

Our Swisspath team is multidisciplinary, innovative, entrepreneurial, and highly experienced, offering our clients bespoke service and rewarding solutions to enjoy now and in the future.