Thailand will begin welcoming foreign-flagged visiting superyachts to spend the winter seasons in Thai waters and charter there without having to pay VAT on the value of the vessel. This decision comes after a six-year campaign to enable a “third destination” for the global fleet and to boost Thailand’s tourism industry.

Currently, charters beginning in Thailand must end in another country, often heading from Thailand to Langkawi, Malaysia. Thanks to the new legislation, superyachts can stay within Thai waters for the duration of the charter, encouraging more yacht owners to station their yachts in the country.

Thailand is certainly an incredible destination to explore by yacht, with its hundreds of often uninhabited islands, rugged scenery, and magical turquoise waters, as well as bustling cities, deserted beaches, and many cultural and historical delights. The decision to allow charter yachts to stay within these waters is sure to come as positive news for travellers and yacht owners alike.

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