Whether you are looking to satisfy the thrill seeker in you, or for something less adrenaline-inducing, water toys are a highlight of any yacht charter holiday.

Inflatable slides, seabobs and jet skis have always been popular with charter guests, but there is a growing trend for foiling water sports. Foiling provides an extra thrill as the equipment is lifted above the surface of the water, eliminating the drag caused by the board or boat having to cut through the water.

Josh Richardson from Superyacht Tenders and Toys told us, “Anything foiling gets my vote, whether it be electric surfboards (pictured), sailing dinghies or similar. Wingfoiling is also proving to be very popular filling a niche where clients want an experience other than kitesurfing or windsurfing.” – Wingfoiling involves standing on a foiling board while being pulled by a very light wing with an inflatable structure.

‘Underwater experience’ is another upcoming trend in the world of water toys. This involves being able to speak, listen to music, and even watch movies underwater! You can also get underwater seascooters and seabobs to help propel you through the water, whilst the technology enabling you to capture these moments is also advancing, with the development of the world’s first wireless underwater drone.

Of course, classics such as jet skis, slides, and towables remain very popular too, and jellyfish pools are great if you are holidaying with children. To try out some of these toys for yourself, take a look at our full range of charter yachts and their amenities here.