After having to distance ourselves from our loved ones over the past year, many of us are keen to make up for lost time once we can travel again, so it is unsurprising that travel companies are seeing a big spike in bookings for family holidays, often including multiple generations. With many travellers still likely to be wary of social interaction, and many restrictions expected to remain in place throughout the majority of 2021, where better to enjoy a family holiday than in the seclusion of a private yacht.

Luxury yacht charters are a safe and flexible option

More and more travellers are considering chartering luxury yachts thanks to the levels of privacy they offer. Understandably, people are wary of travelling with strangers, so private yachts offer the perfect solution. Not only do guests have the luxury of travelling just with their group, chartering a yacht offers a much greater level of flexibility. You could choose to anchor in a secluded spot and go snorkelling one day and set up a picnic on a deserted beach the next. Essentially, you can enjoy many of the benefits of a luxury holiday, without having to mingle with the masses. This is particularly important to travellers when their group incorporates a number of generations, including older and more vulnerable members of the family. Of course, yacht charter holidays have always been popular thanks to the many other benefits they offer, such as the personal service, the unbeatable food, and the joy of waking up in a new destination every day.

Yacht charters make great luxury family holidays

When you think of a family holiday, you may not immediately think of a yacht charter, but there are many reasons why this makes the perfect holiday for families with children. From enjoying water sports under the supervision of a fully trained yacht crew, to taking advantage some of the many amenities in the yacht interior such as games and movie rooms. Of course, one of the challenges that comes with multi-generational holidays is catering for everyone, and this is the beauty of chartering a yacht, everyone can take things at their own pace. Grandparents may choose to simply sit back and relax whilst enjoying the lapping of the waves against the yacht, whilst parents and children may take a tender to a nearby island to explore. Whether days are spent independently or together, the whole family will gather round the table every evening to enjoy the finest cuisine prepared by their private chef.

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