We speak to Josh from Superyacht Tenders and Toys about how to make the best selection of toys for your charter yacht…. 

What are the most common questions you get asked when people are kitting out their superyacht with toys?

Normally people ask us to recommend toys according to the owners and their kids/guests profile. If they have young kids things like small slides, trampolines, sea water jelly fish pools are popular. We also have to work back from the space they have available.

People often ask us about what is the most fun and the easiest. There seems to be a trend to the quick fix toys like a Seabob, jetski or similar requiring no knowledge and little skill but providing a quick thrill.

What are the 5 top toys that are a ‘must have’ for any superyacht?

  • Seabobs
  • Jetskis
  • Slide
  • eFoil
  • SUPS

What’s the new and upcoming toy to have?

It’s all about foiling with the eFoil these days!

What is the best toy to satisfy the thrill seeker client?

Seabobs and Jetskis – unfortunately for us water sport and sail sport lovers!

What is the best all round family focused toy?

Towables, that cater for all ages of kids and adults alike. Kayaks and Sups are also popular. Things like wakeboards also fit this bill for kids 8+.

What is the best toy for those who want to explore?

Touring SUPS, high end comfortable jetskis like the Seadoo GTX 300. If underwater exploration a Seabob or dive gear. Drones are also popular. ROV’s for underwater.

Do you ever get totally free rein on what to kit a super yacht with for a client?

More often than you would think as people often come to us to recommend what they need based off the size yacht. I would say 60% of people ask us to recommend as we fly, ride, dive all gear we sell so we know it works. We are also involved in some of the largest most exciting yachts in the industry and there is a little less owner involvement here with crew coming to us to recommend and help them in the outfitting stage.

Do you ever have a problem with space onboard with fitting all of these toys on?

Almost always we have to work back from the space available and what it will fit. A lot of the inflatables help tick a lot of boxes such as a slide, climbing wall, Blob or jetski docks as they take up less space on board.

If you had your own superyacht what toys would you have in the toy cupboard?

Ha, the list would be endless! I would go along a bit more of a sailing route and have a couple of dinghies such a foiling moth and a RS AERO for ease of storage, then add to that SUPs, Kayaks, Dive gear, kitesurfing, Seabobs,towables, an eFoil, no jetskis….any yacht I had would need a Ski Nautique so I would rack that out with wakesurf and wakeboards!

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