In the run up to the Monaco Yacht Show, we thought it would be a great opportunity to speak to Superyacht Tenders and Toys Director, Josh Richardson, about the most frequently asked question when selecting a tender and what is currently hot on the market.

Which of your tenders has the biggest wow factor?

Well I guess the larger the better and it is not really one. Boats like Ulysses tick a lot of boxes for us. This had two 55 foot Van Dutch,  68 foot Princess, two 7.5m custom SOLAS rescue boats, two Seascape 18’s, two Ski Nautiques, a Riva and more!!! Some of the most interesting custom tenders we have in build are right now with Compass Tenders in the UK. These are fully custom to match the mothership and have some very unique features. SYTT are overseeing and managing the builds of these for the client.

What is the fastest tender you offer?

A Cigaratte 60. This will do 100mph. We have one client who has 2 onboard his support yacht….

Which is your best-selling product or range at the moment?

We do a lot of custom tenders as a company, as we add a lot of value here to the client, guiding them through the purchase process and overseeing the builds. We also do a lot of smaller tenders such as Williams which are pretty much production boats off the shelf. As well as this some of the small Zodiacs for the smaller yachts. Nautique wakeboard boats are a popular seller as the rise of wakesurfing and clients wanting the most fun boats on the water.

What is the most common requirement asked for when someone is searching for a tender?

Normally they come to us with the size of their garage and the capabilities of their crane and we have to work backwards from that to find something. A typical brief is for a 7-8m tender which is dry, safe, fast, proven and can then have some customisations to match the yacht such as colours, upholstery, decking and more.

Is there a big seller in this regard, i.e. collapsible console, bimini frame, jet drive or inboard to save space for storage? Beachlanding bows are always popular. Jet drives are also slightly more popular by clients often wanting to do beach runs ashore with clients.

What has been the wildest style and colour coordination you have seen on a tender to match the mothership?

MY Aurelia Castoldi JT16. This was painted and upholstered in Gulf racing colours.

Do you sell one type of tender more than others or is there a whole spectrum out there?

We typically sell 30% limousines to 40% open tenders and 10% landing crafts then 20% wake boats.

What are your thoughts on electric powered tenders?

I am all for them, but it feels we are not quite there yet. No doubt someone will do a good one soon. Hinckley have a very interesting open tender in the Dasher.

What do you think is the next big development for the tender market?

The latest trend seems to be companies offering custom builds based off a production size and moulds. Essentially, they are offering yacht clients boats which will match the mothership but have a common hull profile and a customisable deck and canopy. This helps keeps down costs avoiding doing new naval architecture and design work but makes clients feel they are getting something special. It also helps keep down the lead time on new orders.

There is a rise in explorer yacht tenders, with people looking for more rugged tenders.

We are also seeing an increase in towed tenders being used as chase boats by owners, often with their own crew. These chase tenders are not just simple RIBS but are a mixture of an open tender and limousine so can offer fully enclosed dry seating for guests going ashore.

If you are visiting the Monaco Yacht Show and would like to make an appointment to speak to one of the Swisspath Team about how they can help you with yacht or charter management, please contact Boris at: or call +41 44 454 26 26.

Photos supplied by Superyacht Tenders and Toys