Here are our top three favourite anchorages, whether you are looking to escape, explore the culture or be in a social hub in the Balearics.

Looking to Escape: Cala de moro, Mallorca

If you are looking for full escapism we recommend visiting Cala de moro, in south-east Mallorca.

The small, secluded and protected anchorage offers stunning scenery with crystal clear waters. This idyllic bay is perfect for swimming and snorkelling but can get over crowded in July and August. As there are no hotels, restaurants or water sports centres based here, charter yacht is the best way to visit the area. 

Seeking Culture: Port de Soller

For those after a little more culture, we suggest heading to the natural harbour and anchorage next too Port de Soller, on the rugged northern coast of Mallorca. From there you can explore the artistic and cultural side of the picturesque village along with numerous local tapas and fish restaurants.

This area retains it’s traditional charm and heritage of the island, and those venturing to the top of the surrounding Tramuntana mountains will be rewarded with stunning views of the harbour. If you time your charter with local events, you can enjoy the many spectacles of street parties or enjoy the sounds of the Annual Classical Music Festival.

Social Centre: Off Formentera

For those who prefer to be social, in the turquoise anchorages on the northern tip of Formentera, you will find white sands and chic restaurants on the beach, such as the famous Juan y Andrea. During the season, we recommend arriving early to make sure you get the best spot. It is also a perfect location to watch the sunset from, away from the clubs of Ibiza town.

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Photos by Waterline Media