Croatia is beautiful; glittering crystal clear waters, with an abundance of islands waiting to be explored by boat….here’s a taste of what to expect in this natural paradise.


DAY 01/

Embarkation – Split

The second largest city in Croatia and approximately 2,000 years old, Split is a mix of ancient history and modern life. Located on the eastern shore of the Adriatic Sea, the city boasts ancient Roman ruins, magnificent museums, a vibrant mix of busy bars and restaurants, a dense Mediterranean forest park and well equipped beaches, all set against the striking and rugged backdrop of the Dalmatian mountains. Notably, one of the most popular attractions is Split’s Diocletian’s Palace. Located in a prime harbourside position, this ancient palace forms half of Split’s old town where its historic walls and ruins surround the city’s vibrant and bustling streets. A delightful place to explore, this seaside gem is brimming with culture and has a little bit of everything.

DAY 02/

Split to Brac

Known as the most beautiful beach on the Adriatic Sea, Zlatni Rat, and the nearby seaside town of Bol, located on the southern part of the Brac island, are hot spots for water sports enthusiasts from all over the world. Zlatni Rat, translated to ‘Golden Horn’, is one of Croatia’s heavily featured islands boasting turquoise-coloured calm seas, white pebbled beaches, remnants of an ancient Roman Villa and a stretched Mediterranean pine grove. Set sail around the Croatian island’s captivating coastline and discover the natural beauty this part of the world has to offer – this is an extraordinary spot for diving and snorkelling.

DAY 03

Brac to Hvar

An island of natural beauty, with its sweeping white beaches and fragrant lavender fields, Hvar is one of Croatia’s most popular hangouts often referred to as the Croatian Saint Tropez. Impossibly chic, this charming island made up of swanky hotels, elegant restaurants and exclusive bars attracts some of the world’s most famous celebrities. Drop anchor at one of the many bays surrounding the island and take full advantage of the sparkling waters and natural surroundings with a swim or kayak. Alternatively, head to the old town and immerse yourself in the island’s renowned rich, luxurious atmosphere.

DAY 04

Hvar to Vis

Famed for its cameo in the recent Mamma Mia film starring James Bond-star, Pierce Brosnan, the Croatian island of Vis is popular for its remarkable untouched beauty. Only opened to foreign visitors in the last 30 years, due to the island historically serving as a Yugoslav military base, Vis radiates authenticity, natural beauty and rural charm.

Visit the island’s vineyards producing the famous ‘Vugava’ white and ‘Plavac’ red wines, trek the impressive coastline and explore the surrounding coves and bays, including Scedro in the northern part of the island. Head west and visit the small island of Biscevo. Famed for its Blue Cave, a rare natural phenomenon which sees rays of sunlight pass into the cave through a small crack in its ceiling which reflects in the sea, forming an incredible lighting effect – it’s well worth a visit! Diving opportunities are aplenty with two ancient Roman shipwrecks and many others from periods up to World War II.

DAY 05

Vis to Trogir

Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its Venetian architecture, the elegant town of Trogir is beautifully set within medieval walls on the central Adriatic coast of Croatia and is home to a number of historic sites including the Cathedral of St Lawrence. Linked to the mainland by two bridges, Trogir is fronted by a stretched coastal esplanade lined with popular bars, cafés and restaurants and in the summer, it’s home to a collection of extraordinary yachts pitching up at the harbour.

DAY 06

Trogir to Skradin

Located 100 kilometres from Split, the pretty riverside town of Skradin is an inviting stop. On the doorstep to the Krka River National Park, this magical town displays brightly painted stone houses, a towering ruined fortress and the beautiful arched Krka bridge. The narrow, cobbled streets play host to a range of Croatian restaurants producing exquisite local cuisine including Dalmatinsk Proiut – a traditional smoked ham that’s definitely worth a sample.

DAY 07

Skradin to Kornati Islands to Dugi Otok

The Kornati islands, an archipelago consisting of 140 islands located between Sibenik and Zadar, is a real treat for visitors. Displaying multiple coves, crystal-clear waters and 114 square miles of natural beauty, this group of islands is often referred to as a yachter’s paradise. Surrounded by the most incredible views as you sail through this group of Croatian islands, use this opportunity to dive into the deep waters and explore the diversity of the underwater life this piece of paradise provides. Alternatively, enjoy the views from the sundeck and listen to the calm sound of the waves as you catch some rays.

Nearby, the islands of Dugi Otok, Iz, Zut, Ist and Uglian offer enchanting secluded bays and pretty villages to the west of Zadar. The island of Dugi Otok, also known as ‘Long Island’ due to its 45-kilometre stretch, is covered with vineyards and orchards, the Telascica Nature Park and the largest harbor on the Adriatic islands. Close to the northern tip of the Dalmation island of Dugi Otok, Saharun beach affords visitors to an 850-metre mixture of beautiful white sand and pebbled waterfront. Make sure you visit the seaside village of Veli Losinj, a quaint piece of paradise away from the crowds of nearby Mali Losinj.

DAY 08

Disembarkation – Dugi Otok to Zadar

The northern seaside city of Zadar labelled ‘Croatia’s Coolest City’, is just bursting with natural and historic beauty. With a UNESCO protected old town exhibiting medieval churches, Roman ruins and quality museums, and the city’s contemporary culture of stunning art installations, chic boutiques, top-notch bars and restaurants and a buzzing nightlife scene, Zadar is a top destination for any Croatian traveller. Surrounded by stunning sandy beaches, dazzling crystal waters and some of the most incredible sunsets, this vibrant historic port on the Dalmatian coast is an absolute must see.

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