During these strange times, we are all excited to plan new adventures and get back out exploring new shorelines and dreamy destinations. Whether a tropical getaway or an extreme arctic adventure is calling, Swisspath Yachting has something for you. Venture off the beaten track and travel to some of the most remote and untouched, but exquisitely beautiful places on Earth. Here are just a few we recommend….

The Seychelles

Although famed as a beloved honeymoon destination, this archipelago of 115 islands is perfectly suited to a couple’s getaway or a family adventure. This utter paradise is sure to take your breath away, promising a stunning fusion of luscious jungles and pristine beaches of pearly white sand. The sweeping turquoise waters hold a vast array of marine wildlife, with manta rays, turtles, and more than 900 species of fish. Seize this unique opportunity to dive, snorkel, and enjoy a glimpse of the world-renowned underwater diversity.

Immerse yourself by visiting a few of the many islands, the two biggest Mahé and Praslin are among those not to be missed. Discover the historic charm of the country’s capital, Victoria, situated on the island of Mahé, and peruse its quaint shops and vibrant markets. Venture slightly north to the island of Praslin and amble along the sands of the famous Anse Lazio beach, lined with the native takamaka trees.


The ultimate destination to tick off any explorer’s bucket list – this mystical expanse of snow and ice will transport you far from normality into an almost transcendental beauty. Visit between November- February to see it at its best, so as to coincide with the southern spring/summer season. This warmer weather creates some receding ice, enabling you to explore further. Often referred to as the continent of superlatives, truly nothing compares to cruising through this extreme environment. The constant cycle of shelves and glaciers discharging ice scatters the surrounding waters with icebergs, adding to the kaleidoscope of blue and white.

The ocean and coastline surrounding the continent boast an abundance of life, while the harsh climate further inland leaves the landscape almost barren. Stop the engine and float in the ethereal silence with only distant glaciers cracking in the distance or the faint bark of a seal.

French Polynesia

A destination so unique and varied, many struggle to put it into words. A true melange of experiences awaits you on and around these islands, with its sky-high peaks, balmy flowing breeze and relaxed culture. Take your pick of the tricolour beaches, with black, pink or white sand boarding the crystal-clear warm waters. Dive or snorkel among dolphins, rays, sharks and hundreds of fish in the bright coral gardens, a place where life under the sea is as abundant and active as life on land.

The dramatic landscape, formed by the emergence of underwater volcanoes, punctuates the expanse of blue, creating such immense variation on the land. Wander along the trails on the island of Tahiti and it won’t be long before you stumble upon one of the many waterfalls tumbling from the mountainside. Or, unleash your inner explorer as you venture through the Marquesas, boasting a multitude of hidden bays, volcanic peaks and vibrant forests. Take some time for yourself on the island of Huahine soaking up the sun on some of the best Polynesian beaches, surrounded by the laid-back way of life and culture. Back on board, keep an eye out for humpback whales in the distance, or take a private whale watching tour to marvel at these magnificent creatures for yourself.


If sparkling white beaches, countless lagoons and hidden caves sound inviting, then you’ll be in your element on Thailand’s beautiful coastlines. Its rugged cliffs, pristine waters and tropical climate make it a truly unmissable destination. Cruise through the vast array of islands, from the Phi Phi archipelago to the untouched beaches and picturesque sunsets of Krabi. The Andaman coast is home to some of the finest diving spots in the world, with spectacular coral reefs and a myriad of marine life.

Sail though this natural aquarium, a true diver’s wonderland bursting with sea creatures, culminating in a visit to the unspoilt islands and wildlife of the Ko Tarutao National Park.

Indulge in a taste of the generous and warming Thai cuisine, sampling the fresh fish and lobster on board or enjoy a barbeque on one of the many immaculate beaches, lapped by azure waters.


Delve into the vast heritage and ecological variety of Australia’s shorelines, lined by impressive coastal cliffs and marine treasures hiding beneath the water’s surface. Make the ultimate trip of a lifetime to the Great Barrier Reef, the world’s largest coral reef system stretching 2,300 kilometres with wildlife completely unique to this stunning living gem. Exploring the Great Barrier Reef is an adventure in itself, cruise through the turquoise waters peppered with the brilliant colours of the vibrant coral below, pondering which of the 900 islands to visit. Snorkel among the turtles just off Michaelmas Cay and soaking up the sun on deck while admiring the several species of seabird swooping overhead. Or, satisfy your cravings for utter peace and tranquillity in the Whitsunday Islands – where fiery sunsets, secluded beaches and perfect starry nights are the norm. Take a moment to indulge in the distinctive charm of this far flung corner of the world…..

Venture to Kangaroo Island, just 13 kilometres from the south coast, to discover a vast array of native wildlife, exquisite cuisine and striking rock formations. This is the perfect place to switch off and just ‘be’: disconnect and marvel at the stunning environment. Share your stroll along the beach with rare sea lions, in an experience that is exclusive to this part of the globe, then afterwards feast on some of the world’s finest seafood, cheeses and wines. Discover charming local markets and wine cellars in Penneshaw, exhibiting the best and most local produce.

New Zealand

Home to some of the most breath-taking landscapes on the planet, the adventure seeking charterer venturing to the two islands of New Zealand will not be disappointed. This immensely diverse country has everything, from sweeping beaches to glaciers, wine tasting to art trails – making it the perfect destination.

Take a break from the hustle and bustle of the everyday and spend a day in one of New Zealand’s many national parks, where a little touch of magic is hidden around every corner. Treat your taste buds and sample the world-renowned wines, surrounded by the spectacular scenery on the South Island. Discover Waiheke Island with its perfect fusion of vineyards, charming art galleries and boutique cafes, and plan your excursion to the wild geothermal phenomena of geysers, boiling mud pools and volcanic craters in Rotorua.

So many once in a lifetime experiences await you here, what are you waiting for?

For more information about chartering in these destinations please contact christiansen@swisspath-yachting.com. We look forward to helping you find your perfect charter holiday!