Swisspath Yachting speaks to Riviera Beauty Interiors, a company that is synonymous with exceptional service and going the extra mile providing quality products for living spaces in superyachts, hotels, villas and private jets to the most prestigious clientele in the world. 

What’s the story behind Riviera Beauty Interiors?

Having worked in the beauty business for 20 years previously, I moved to the South of France with my husband to start a new life – and create my own company. Initially having focused on only beauty items, I was quickly asked to supply other interior goods for the yachts and villas, among them linens, slippers, leather, tableware and bespoke items. I researched many sites for more than 6 months to see where I should position myself and found that most interior suppliers were working with the same companies and same products.

I thought I would like to differentiate RBI by looking for “different” products, small artisan suppliers and unusual concepts. With these plus the most outstanding customer service, I have built a very solid client base who returns year after year as well as using me on new yachts or villas.

Where are you based?

Between nice and Monaco, in Villefranche-sur-Mer.

Do you supply your products predominately to yachts?

No, we also work with villas/estates, often part of the same owners, as well as hotels, spas and jets.

Do you find that some of your products trend? When one is seen on a superyacht then everyone has to have it?

Absolutely. Also, if a particular product is highly advertised in magazines, quite frequently there is a trend to be asking more for these. We also see that there are “yearly cycles”, some years we sell lots of linens, some others lots of baskets, leather items and so on.

What’s the craziest request you’ve ever had?

Personalised shower caps!! Not long ago a client asked to have disposable shower caps personalised, but in a very small quantity – as always, we found a solution. Also, can we repair chipped glasses…this was a recent request as well as personalised toilet paper with logo.

What are your most popular specialised items?

Linens – for sure! We make all types of linens, from bed, bath and table to spa, lobster bibs, many styles of slippers etc.

If you could only keep 3 products from your site, what would they be?

Guest Toiletries – we have the largest selection worldwide – over 42 brands and 52 lines within, there is no one that carries as many! Also, spa products as you really need to have a beauty background to sell these and of course, linens.

If a product isn’t listed on your website are you still able to get hold of it?

Of course, this is one of the reasons why we often get contacted, many stews shop online but for the things that they cannot find they usually come to us and we find a solution.

Can you do custom made products?

Absolutely, there is virtually nothing we have not made before.

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