For all thrill seekers, the opportunities accessible from your Swisspath charter yacht are innumerable and extremely varied. Satisfy your cravings for an adrenaline fuelled charter around the globe, combining sea and land adventures. If you’re after a fast-paced experience surrounded by endless fresh snow or looking to raise your heart rate in warm azure Mediterranean waters, we’ve got you covered.

When cruising around the unparalleled beauty of the islands of Fiji, set your adrenaline pumping by kiteboarding on balmy waters steeped in sun. Undoubtedly one of the most exhilarating aquatic experiences, Fiji is the ultimate thrill seekers playground, boasting world renowned surf breaks combined with stunning scenery. A paradise for experienced kiteboarders and beginners alike, offering a fusion of flat waters and more testing surf spots. Visit Namotu Island with its world-class waves and hearty winds before unwinding in your yacht’s Jacuzzi, recounting tales of the day’s antics.

Alternatively, head to Indonesia for some of the best diving on the planet, home to the most diverse range of marine life in the world. With over 17,500 islands, Indonesia is truly any diver’s heaven, with the opportunities almost as varied as the wildlife, from drift or reef diving, to night diving. Charter a yacht with an onboard dive centre and venture below the surface to marvel at this marine world, bursting with an abundance of flora and fauna. Sometimes known as the ‘Island of the Gods’, Bali has it all for the thrill-seeking diver. Share the waters with manta rays gliding over the ocean floor and feast your eyes on the kaleidoscopic reefs, home to over 600 species of coral.

If powdery slopes of pristine untouched snow are more your thing, then heliskiing in Greenland or Norway is a must. Soar above the dramatic landscape with glaciers snaking down from towering peaks, before setting even the most experienced skier’s soul on fire, cruising from the summit all the way to the sea in just a single run. The fjords of Norway offer skiing like nowhere else on earth. Take a moment before your descent to marvel at the panoramic views stretching for miles as you enjoy this wintery paradise all to yourself.

Norway’s uninhabited forests and wide-open winter wonderland are the ultimate utopia for any thrill seeker. Try your hand at dogsledding, a fast-paced experience of a lifetime, courtesy of the beautiful and powerful huskies. Try your hand at steering the pack yourself or absorb the breath-taking views flying past as a passenger. Let the wind whip through your hair as you speed through the white desert in this truly unique adrenaline fuelled moment.

A similarly chilly environment, the plethora of opportunities in Antarctica will be no secret to any enthusiastic thrill seeker. Dip your toe – or rather totally immerse yourself – in the most refreshing dip of your life. Don only your swimwear and jump into the icy waters for only a few seconds before clambering back into the steaming onboard jacuzzi. This is a must to get your adrenaline flowing while roaming the Antarctic waters, run and jump from the deck, this isn’t a time to tentatively test the water, secure in the knowledge of being welcomed back to the abundance of warmth onboard.

It’s not just the remote or extreme environments that will raise your heart rate, but thanks to the vast array of toys onboard, you can guarantee your share of thrills without even having to leave your yacht. Work your way through your yacht’s toy collection, or request specific toys, and let the fun begin. Whether racing around on a jet ski is your idea of paradise, or jumping on a FunAir, we have something for you!

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